The Adopt-a-Student Program helps eliminate financial barriers for students who lack the resources to fully participate in school-sponsored programs, activities, academic and other school-related experiences.


A student who was previously excelling in their work, suddenly started missing classes and their grades took a significant drop. Teachers asked questions and discovered the student’s family had moved outside the district’s school bus route, and they didn’t have a way to get to school. Adopt-a-Student funds were used to purchase a monthly bus pass for the student. 


The Adopt-a-Student Program supported a student’s dream of becoming a nurse. A student did not have the means to pay for the certified nursing assistant’s exam. United Way’s Adopt-a-Student Program supported the student by paying for the final exam. And if you are wondering, yes, they are now a CNA!


A student worked hard to excel in Future Business Leaders of America and qualified for the National Conference on the East Coast. Their family fundraised for months and did everything they could to raise money needed to attend the conference, but they could not afford the airfare. The Adopt-a-Student Program helped cover  the travel expenses for this student.