United Way of the Blue Mountains Board Member Job Description


POSITION: Member at Large, Board of Directors

REPORTS TO: The Blue Mountain Region Community Members and the Executive


Volunteer members of the Board represent the community served. Collectively they are legally responsible for the corporation, including financial and program accountability. They define and implement the mission, vision, and values of the United Way based on their understanding of the assets, needs, and goals of the Blue Mountain Region and its residents.


  • Assure the finances of the corporation are handled prudently and legally; approve and monitor the annual operating budget; approve allocations and grants; ensure compliance with tax and corporate law; establish and monitor financial policies and practices.
  • Develop programs consistent with the mission and evaluate their effectiveness in meeting stated goals.
  • Select, support, and review the performance of the Executive Director.
  • Set the future vision of the organization, based on the mission and values established, and develop the work plan and measurements to ensure the vision is met.
  • Enhance the organization’s image by understanding the mission, vision, values, and goals and communicate them to the community.
  • Develop and implement a board development process to recruit, educate, evaluate, and recognize volunteer board members.
  • Contribute financially, and with time and talent.
  • Think regionally, be kind and courteous, and come to board meetings with a positive and collaborative mindset.


Willingness and ability to:

  • Attend scheduled board meetings.
  • Serve as an active member of at least one committee.
  • Support and participate in the annual campaign and events.
  • Prepare in advance for board and committee discussions and decision-making.
  • Participate in annual and strategic planning.
  • Listen to, learn about, and communicate with the community.


Three years with an option to serve a second term.